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These Terms and Conditions (hereinafter "Terms and Conditions") regulate the use of the Europalco website, accessible from the address www.europalco.pt/ (hereinafter "Site"). Europalco, Lda., A limited liability company with its registered office at Estrada da Ericeira, 112 and 112A - Ral, 2710-453 Sintra, registered with the Commercial Registry of Sintra, with the single registration and legal person number 503825280, is the legitimate and exclusive holder of the Site.
The use of the Site by Europalco Lda. Customers (hereinafter "Customer") or the users of the Site ("User") implies and implies full and unreserved acceptance by the user of all the Terms and Conditions. By consulting, using or downloading the content of the site, you are agreeing to comply with the conditions of use.
The Client and the User declare that they have the necessary legal capacity to accept these Terms and Conditions.
Europalco Lda., with the aim of improving the characteristics and contents of the site, reserves the right to modify, extend or temporarily suspend the presentation, configuration, technical specifications, contents of the site, at any time, unilaterally and without early warning.


Subject to compliance with these Terms and Conditions and applicable law, in particular the protection of copyright, industrial property and criminal laws, you and the User shall enjoy complete freedom to use the Site, make good use of the contents and services of the site, which can never be used for illegal activities or that may be contrary to public order or national defense.
The following activities are expressly prohibited:

a) perform illegal activities or infringe the rights of Europalco or its Customers and Users or the other users of the Internet;
b) use another identity other than that of the Client or User or falsify or otherwise obscure the Customer or User's identity in e-mail messages, news articles, IRC channels or any other Internet service;
c) produce or reproduce content that is offensive, defamatory, or likely to violate the privacy or other rights of others;
d) produce or reproduce texts, data, images or programs with illicit, criminal, racist, profane, pornographic, obscene, or otherwise violating human rights or infringing the laws in force;
e) transmit, reproduce, advertise the sale, offer, exchange or search for any copy or form of obtaining a copy or use of a copy of a computer program, musical work, videogram, written publication or any other work protected by the copyright laws. author or industrial property, or any other material or information that may be legally protected or violates the rights of third parties, regardless of the media used, without having their rights of transmission, reproduction, publicity, use or authorization legally required;
f) interfere with or otherwise condition the use of the Europalco Site or violate any rules, regulations or standards of the networks linked to the use of the Europalco Site;
g) and introduce, transmit or make accessible in any form material that contains viruses, programs, systems or files that destroy or limit the functionality and / or capacity of any computer, including software and hardware or electronic communications equipment.


In the process of administering the site, we maintain and manage the use of the web server through the logs. Web server logs provide information, such as the types of browsers that access our site, the pages that receive the most traffic, and what times of day our servers experience significant load. We use this information to improve the navigation capabilities of our site. Anonymized or aggregated forms of this data can be used to identify future features and functions to be developed for the site and to provide better customer service.


Europalco reserves the right to take all steps it deems necessary to safeguard its rights, in the event of violation or attempted violation of these Terms and Conditions, and may choose to suspend or block access to and use of the Site without which results in the Customer or User being entitled to any compensation or compensation as a result.


A Europalco não é responsável por quaisquer perdas ou danos, directos ou indirectos, sofridos por qualquer Cliente ou Utilizador, relativamente a informação contida no Site, ou resultantes da utilização que o Cliente ou Utilizador faça do Site. 

O acesso e a utilização do Site estão sujeitos a interferências, interrupções, desconexões ou outras anomalias, designadamente em consequência de avarias, sobrecargas, cargas de linha ou outras eventualidades às quais a Europalco é alheia, reconhecendo expressamente o Cliente e o Utilizador que nenhuma responsabilidade poderá ser imputada à Europalco relativamente aos danos, potenciais ou actuais que, directa ou indirectamente, possam resultar para o Cliente ou utilizador em virtude da ocorrência de tais eventos. A Europalco não garante que o Site funcione ininterruptamente ou que se encontre livre de erros, vírus ou outros elementos prejudiciais. 

A Europalco não é responsável por quaisquer defeitos, funcionamento incorrecto ou incompatibilidade, nomeadamente com o hardware dos Clientes ou dos Utilizadores, não se encontrando obrigada a fornecer apoio na utilização do Site, nem garantindo que o mesmo assegura os fins pretendidos pelo Cliente ou pelo Utilizador. 

A Europalco reserva-se ao direito de, em qualquer momento, acrescentar, eliminar ou modificar quaisquer conteúdos do Site. 

A Europalco não é responsável pela exactidão, qualidade, segurança, legalidade ou licitude, incluindo o cumprimento das regras respeitantes a direitos de autor e direitos conexos, relativamente aos conteúdos, produtos ou serviços contidos no Site que tenham sido fornecidos por anunciantes ou parceiros comerciais, bem como por qualquer informação contida em sites de terceiros para os quais este estabeleça ligações. 

A Europalco não é também responsável por quaisquer actos ou omissões desses terceiros relacionados com aqueles conteúdos, produtos ou serviços, não garantindo que esses produtos ou serviços atinjam determinados resultados pretendidos pelo Cliente ou o Utilizador. 

A Europalco não assume qualquer responsabilidade por consequências resultantes do acesso pelos Clientes ou os Utilizadores a sites de terceiros através de ligações fornecidas pela Europalco.


The Client or the User is the sole and exclusive responsible for the use made of the Site, and is bound to respect the applicable legislation, namely, the Copyright and Related Rights Code, the Industrial Property Code and the Law of the To act in good faith and to make a use which does not offend any rights of third parties, in particular the right to image, the right to good name, the right to honor and privacy, and constitutes an offense on the basis of race, nationality, ethnic origin, religion, political conviction or sex, which does not constitute defamation, incitement to theft, fraud, violence, terrorism, sadism, prostitution, pedophilia, and does not employ obscene content , indecent or pornographic.
The Customer or the User is authorized to make use of the contents of the Site solely and exclusively for the purposes for which it is intended and is expressly prohibited, reproduced, published or publicly disclosed, distributed or otherwise made accessible to third parties, for the purpose of public communication or marketing, and it is still prohibited to make any changes to the content. Any source code or software made available on the Site and owned by Europalco may be used solely for the purposes for which it is intended, and the Customer or User may not reproduce, communicate or make available such source codes or software to any third party. For software that is properly identified as belonging to third parties, you or the User must comply with the rules imposed by those third parties when using the software.
The Client or the User undertakes to keep strictly confidential any access codes that are made available to it for use on the Site and are responsible for any damages or losses that they may cause to Europalco or to third parties, due to a illegal or incorrect use of the Site, and undertakes to inform Europalco immediately of any breaches or misuse of which it has become aware.
The Client or the User undertakes not to invade the privacy of other Users or Customers of the Site, and undertakes, in particular, not to send unsolicited messages, not to collect, process or communicate personal data without the consent of its owner and not to send false or misleading messages or that violate any legal norm in force. The Customer or the User is solely liable for the direct or indirect damages caused to itself, to Europalco or to any third party, related to the use that it makes of the Site, and undertakes to pay the damages that may be attributed by virtue of any action, claim or conviction to which it gives rise.
The Customer or User is responsible for acquiring and maintaining the electronic communications media, hardware and software necessary to establish the remote connection to the Site.


For more information about how we collect and process your personal information, please see our Privacy Policy. We also encourage you to read our Cookies Policy.


The entire content of the Site, including, in particular, texts, graphics, images, computer codes, as well as trade names, trademarks and distinctive signs are the property of Europalco, Lda., Which holds, in particular, copyright and rights property, except for content provided by advertisers or business partners who are identified as such. The copyright protection of Europalco content extends to all reproductions or copies, obtained from the content of the Site. Any reproduction, distribution, commercialization or transformation of content that has not been expressly authorized by its owners constitutes an infringement of intellectual and industrial property rights protected by law.


Europalco may freely and at any time suspend or extinguish access to and use of the Site, without there being any right to compensation or compensation for Customers or Users.


The conditions of access and use of this site, as well as all issues not expressly regulated in these Terms and Conditions, are governed exclusively by Portuguese law. Europalco and the Customer, understand that the negotiation is the preferred way to resolve doubts, disagreements or disputes, of any nature, that arise over the validity, effectiveness, interpretation, integration, application or compliance of these Terms and Conditions. However, once the negotiation is exhausted, the parties agree that, in order to resolve disputes arising out of the use of this site, the Court of the District of Sintra, with express waiver of any other, is exclusively competent.

22nd of May, 2018

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