Estúdio #1

Estúdio #1

  • Recording Studio in Chroma Key with 168m2
  • LedWall: 2 Side Screens with 4 x 3.5m (1536x1344px) + 1 Central Screen with 6x3.5m (2304x1344px)
  • Streaming System Capable of Making up to 12 Simultaneous Streams
  • Régie of Virtual Studios and Augmented Reality
  • Telepoint
  • Construction of Customized Scenarios, Virtual and 3D Scenarios
  • Meeting Rooms for up to 6 or 12 People
  • Coworking Space
  • Dressing Room with Living Room
  • Refectory
  • WC (Female and Male)
  • WIFI Internet and 2Gb Up / 2Gb Down Cable with Redundancy
  • Specialized Technical Support
  • Private Parking
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